Road accidents can occur on any road but there are certain roads in the US that are most notorious for road carnage. In fact, USA roads have three times the date rate as compared to U.K. Here are the 10 most dangerous roads in the U.S that will make you a nervous wreck as you drive on them;

1. Colorado’s Highway 550

The Highway 550 in Colorado is a 25-mile stretch that connects the ancient tourist towns of Silverton and Ouray. The factor that makes this road dangerous is the absence of guardrails that are intentionally missing to ease the removal of avalanche debris and snow. It also lacks shoulders, hence, veering off the road leads to a fatal plunge down a steep mountain slope. It is popularly known as the “million dollar highway”.

2. Alabama’s U.S. 431

This stretch covers approximately 98 miles between Phoenix City and Dothan. Most accidents on this road occur due to heavy traffic, and limited visibility, especially on the two-lane sections. However, the bridges were replaced, and the roads expanded to four-lanes in 2014 to curb the problem.

3. Arizona’s interstate-10

The most parts of the I-10 stretch are safe, but the 150 mile between Phoenix and California border is especially deadly. The statistics stand at an average of 85 deaths in a year. Overall, the state records 700 road accidents in a year that shows that I-10 alone accounts for a big portion of the accidents. The road passes through a desert hence there are few settlements along the way.

4. Montana’s Highway 2

The Center for Excellence in Rural Safety based in the University of Minnesota considers Highway 2 as one of the most dangerous roads. Overall, Montana records the most fatalities in the U.S. The major reason for this is that it is a rural road hence; ambulances take longer to reach the accident scene. The less traffic on the roads also makes drivers to over speed.

5. California State Route 138

Drivers have nicknamed it the “death bed” or “highway of death”. It stretches from I-15 to the town of Palmdale. The road is characterized by sharp twists and steep slopes. It recorded 56 deaths and a massive 875 injuries in late 1990 according to a 2000 issue of Los Angeles Times newspaper. The death rate was ten fatalities each year in 1990. Recently, wider lanes have been constructed and better sight lines drawn.

6. U.S 24 from Fort Wayne to Toledo

Highway 24 that passes from Toledo to Fort Wayne and covers 77miles used to be a black spot until 2012 when it was improved. Most accidents involved head on collisions with trucks from Ohio and Indiana factories.

7. South Carolina’s 1-26

Despite being surprisingly short, the I-26 stretch is one of the most dangerous roads in the South Carolina according to Charleston newspaper Post and Courier. The federal and state data shows that there were 325 deaths in 286 wrecks on the 1-26 stretch between the year 2000 and 2010. Most of the accidents occurred when cars rolled over ditches and hit trees. This part of the road has few guardrails even though there are steep slopes to the side road ditches. Sharp turns, narrow lanes and wildlife also cause the accidents.

8. Alaska’s Dalton Highway

This is a dirt road that stretches 414 miles between Fairbanks and the North Slope of Alaska. Trucks use the road to transport oil and gas. The road snakes around steep mountains that have extremely chilly temperatures. There are about ten crashes every year. Most accidents involve cars rolling down the slopes. Driving through this road requires exceptional driving skills and extra fuel since the filling stations are few and far between

9. 1-15 route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

The Nevada AAA observes that this 180miles road has been a site of more fatalities than any other place in the state. Distracted and drunk driving causes most accidents. The death toll between 2000 and 2005 was recorded as 173 people.

10. Connecticut’s interstate-95

The 8-mile section of the I-95 stretch around the city of Norwalk is the most dangerous section accounting for 10% of all accidents. An average of 735 crashes is recorded in this part. Accidents mostly occur due to congestion, hills and curves along the road.