Insurance companies can no longer use credit information to deny a claim or cancel a policy under a new bill voted unanimously by the Florida House. The bill that would also create a “homeowner claims bill of rights” that requires insurers to spell out to homeowners what they can expect when they file a claim.

This much-needed bill of rights will notify Florida homeowners of their rights and responsibilities when filing an insurance claim and give them the confidence that they will be treated fairly during a stressful situation involving their home.

The legislation (SB 708) is a top priority for Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater. He said he pushed the bill after getting thousands of calls from consumers confused about how to file a claim.

The Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights will be provided to any policyholder who files a claim and will reference current Florida law in order to provide policyholders with information about their rights in the claims process.

The bill of rights will also inform policyholders about what they should expect and provide advice on the steps they should take in the claims process.

Collectively, these bills help ensure consumer rights and protections, reduce regulatory burdens and fight fraud.