If you own a mobile home in Florida or you are considering purchasing one, it is important that you protect your investment with mobile home insurance. A mobile home is a practical choice in Florida thanks to the affordability and warmer weather. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, one in every three homes built in Florida is a mobile or manufactured home. These homes are worth over $37 billion. Before buying a mobile home or living another day in a mobile home that is not insured, it is important that you know the following:

What Will Mobile Home Insurance Cover?One of the most common questions that are asked by owners of mobile and manufactured homes is what will be covered under this type of insurance. Though the details of each policy will vary based on the company you choose for coverage, typically you will find the following is commonplace when obtaining mobile home insurance in Florida:

Coverage to Cover the Structure of Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

One of the coverage types that is standard when buying mobile home insurance in Florida is coverage to cover your home as well as any structures that might be on your property such as a shed or carport. In most cases, this will cover the structures from wind, fire, lightning, falling objects and more. Keep in mind, however, that if your mobile home is being moved from the property, it will likely not be covered in this process.

Coverage for Your Personal Property

You will also find that a basic policy will also cover your personal property. This includes any property that is in your home or in any structure like a shed. Some policies will also cover property that you own that is stored away from the home, but may have a lower coverage limit or might not be insured against all types of perils.

Coverage for Personal Liability

You will also see that this policy will cover any liability should an accident occur on your property. Accidents can certainly happen and if someone is unintentionally injured, or damage is done to their property, you will be covered by your policy. For instance, if you have a party and a guest slips on the grass breaking their arm, your mobile home insurance policy will cover the injury.

Keep in mind that there are some things that a standard policy will not cover, such as flooding. Make sure you look into optional coverage to ensure your home is fully protected.

Why You Need As Much Protection as You Can Get

Florida is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms each year. Though a mobile home will stand up well to winds and storms, no structure is totally safe from damage. Back in 1994 when Hurricane Andrew hit Florida, insurance companies paid out over $15 billion in damages. However, what is even scarier is that there are estimates that homeowners who were not insured spent more than $50 billion statewide. The question that homeowners have to ask themselves is would they rather spend a small amount of money each month to protect their home or thousands when the next hurricane hits the Sunshine State.

If you are interested in learning more about mobile home insurance in Florida and how it is a necessity for all owners, it is important that you reach out to an insurance company in the area for a quote.