Thanks to advances in dental care technology, dentists can do more procedures in less time, with better results. This is great news for both dentists and patients however each new service or procedure introduces a new level of risk which may include:

  • exposure to infectious diseases
  • inherent risks of administering anesthetics
  • malpractice suits
  • damage to expensive equipment
  • and much more.

We make it easy to protect your practice from the risks you encounter every day. We provide immediate coverage from top-rated dental practice insurance carriers.

For the past 25 years, All Nation Insurance has been insuring dental practices with complete coverage from some of the nations largest carriers. Over the years we have discovered commonly missed areas of potential risk.

Medical malpractice insurance

Easily one of the most important policies are those that cover medical malpractice suits. If you’re incorporated, be sure that you have a corporate malpractice policy or a corporate endorsement on your malpractice policy. This protects your from having to pay the costs of defending yourself (and your corporation) in the event of a suit. Often times dentist incorporate years after beginning their practice and regret to have an insurance review. This often times results in costly errors that could jeopardize your business and personal assets.

*If you have an associate dentist, be sure the associate is covered by his/her own separate policy. Sometimes, an associate assumes he or she is covered under the dentist-owner`s corporate policy.

Business/office insurance

A potential risk often overlooked is automobile coverage. Ensure your policy not only contains general liability coverage but also covers automobile accidents. If for example, an employee gets into an accident while performing a work related task, this can often times fall on the employer.

Worker`s compensation insurance

Without Workers Compensation you may find yourself responsible for paying claims of your employees! These claims could include the cost of their work-related injuries and lost wages. You may also face legal challenges if your employee or the employees family believes the injury was tied to negligence in the workplace.

We also recommend covering all dentists/owners in your worker`s compensation policy. Many policies will cover any work-related health insurance claims as well as replace any lost income.

Personal and business auto insurance

Dentists frequently take a partial or full deduction for an automobile. Maintain records of miles driven and locations travelled, many dentist neglect to maintain proper automobile records and often risk failing an IRS audit.

Be sure to read your application carefully or ask your agent if everyone in your business is covered as a driver. If you are the sole driver of the vehicle, be sure to list that since it may result in lower premiums.  However, if any of your family members drive your “business” car and have an accident, the insurance company may not pay the claim or worse, request back payments and cancel your policy.

Free Policy Review

If you believe that you may not be fully covered in the event of an accident, All Nation Insurance performs free insurance reviews. Our goal is to give you piece of mind knowing that your policy is completely adequate or missing important riders.

To get a free insurance review please complete our contact form and describe your business in detail. Be sure to gather all your important small business documents such as previous insurance documents and copies of your most recent taxes. Upon receiving your request, we will contact you to discuss the findings and recommend any additional policies or reduce coverage to lower your premiums.