Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get auto insurance if I have an out of state/ international drivers license?
Yes, most carriers will take out of state license to establish length of driving experience. When it is an international license a surcharge will apply.
What if my license is currently suspended or expired?
Some carriers will write your policy any way and they will give you time to reinstate it or renew it. You need to provide proof within that time that your license is valid to maintain your auto insurance coverage.
How much is the down payment/payment options?
Usually when you choose a payment plan in which the carrier will electronically debit your checking account for your monthly premiums the down payment will be as low as one month of your total policy premium. When a different payment plan is selected your down payment could be as low as 16{b38c31623e4cd1d9b4dead1d8dd7b3d31d8218c26ae2a064a2cd0e341ed11201} of the policy premium. Your financial responsibility score ultimately will determine your down payment and payment plan available to you.
What is an SR- 22 filing?
It is a formal agreement between you and the Department of motor vehicles by which you will maintain a minimum of auto insurance coverage for a period of three years from the initial inception date of the policy complying with this requirement. The minimum limits required are BI(Bodily injury liability) $10,000.00 per person, $ 20,000.00 for all persons involved, and PD(property damage liability) $ 10,000.00 These are the Florida minimum financial responsibility law limits.
What is an FR-44 filing?
It is the same as above with the only difference that the limits required are higher: BI $ 100,000.00/300,000.00 and PD $ 50,000.00
My car is financed, do I have to buy comprehensive and collision coverage?
Yes, your lender financial interest in your vehicle as a collateral of their loan is protected by this coverage which will pay to your lender the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle at the time of a total loss. If your car suffers a loss which is not total, this coverage will fix your vehicle.
Who do I call if I have an accident?
You have two options, the best one is to call your carrier directly to the telephone number display in your insurance card, this ensure a prompt report, and the carrier will be able to open a claim quicker. The second one is to call your agent who in turn will report it to your carrier so they can call you to open a claim.
My car is registered to someone else (for credit purposes), but I am the primary driver, can I insure it under my name?
It will depend on the carrier. Some do some don’t when it comes to auto insurance coverage.
How long after my due date can I pay my auto insurance?
Five days, then, an initial notice of intent to cancel your policy for non payment of premium is issued, this notice will have the final cancellation date at which time if payment has not reached the carrier your policy will be terminated.
Why is my auto insurance premium so expensive?
Premiums vary for many reason, such as driver age, time with license, zip code, vehicle safety and cost, financial responsibility score, length of time insured without lapse in coverage, driving record, market conditions, etc.
At what age will my auto insurance be less expensive?
Mostly at age of 25 your insurance should start showing some decrease in your premiums.
My 15 year old has a restricted license, do they need to be added to my policy?
Yes, this is very important, all carriers require to disclose all family members licensed or not who lives in your household.
Why do insurance companies ask so many questions?
Because they want to rate your policy as accurate as possible and provide you with all discounts and surcharges if applicable to your particular situation.

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