Workers Compensation Insurance

A workers compensation policy covers employees medical costs due to occupational injuries, and in return for which employers are immune from injury lawsuits by employees.In Florida, the benefits are regulated by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, but paid entirely through private insurance or self-insurance means. The benefits include medical expenses, disability, and death. The amount of compensation payable is limited and fixed by law. Premiums are determined by the class of the employees and the payroll of the insured.An employment includes all governmental employments regardless of the number of employees, and private employments with four or more employees (one or more in the construction industry). In certain situations an employer may qualify for a worker’s compensation exemption certificate.

Workers Compensation Coverage
This section of a Workers Compensation policy covers bodily injury by accident that occurs on the job and by disease caused or aggravated by the conditions of employment. For example: A worker falls in the work place due to a spill on the floor of the workspace. Some common benefits available to employees under this coverage are:

  • Medical treatment.
  • Permanent and temporary disability.
  • Death benefits.

Employers Liability
This section of the policy protects employers if they are found civilly liable for employee injuries that arise out of and in the course of employment. Employers’ liability coverage helps protect your business against common-law claims such as:

  • Care and loss of services.
  • Certain types of third party claims.
  • Consequential bodily injury to a family member of the employee.
  • There are significant penalties for employers who are required to carry WC benefits for employees but fail to do so.

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