When you’re shopping around for car insurance it’s smart to check different insurance companies and get car insurance quotes. There are many different factors that go into how much your car insurance will cost such as age, gender, and driving history. All of these factors can change how high or how low your insurance rate will be. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average person spent $815 on car insurance in 2012. However, that number can be vastly different than the quotes you will receive depending on what type of insurance you want and who you are.

The cost of car insurance will typically be the highest for young males. There are many statistics that can determine the cost of health insurance. For example, it has been shown that young males are more at risk to cause an accident. This makes their insurance premiums higher. So, if you are a young male you’re more likely to receive car insurance quotes that are higher. However, some insurance companies have programs that will lower the cost of your car insurance based on if you have a safe driving history, or if you get good grades in high school or college. It’s important to ask about these things when shopping around for car insurance quotes.

It will also be important to decide what type of car insurance you’re looking for when asking for car insurance quotes. If you only want liability insurance, it will be cheaper since this type of insurance only insures the other person if you are to cause an accident. However, if you cause an accident you will not be covered at all with liability insurance.

The best thing you can do when getting different quotes for car insurance is to gather many different quotes, ask a lot of questions, make sure you understand everything, and then compare quotes. It’s important to understand what each quote encompasses before just picking the cheapest one. Shop smart!