We all think we’re the best driver on the road from time to time, and it can seem like no one else knows what they’re doing. Even if you are a wonderful driver, you still need to get vehicle insurance. Road crashes cost the United States billions of dollars every year, and if you don’t have proper vehicle insurance they can cause you a lot of money as well.

Most states require you to have some kind of vehicle insurance that covers the other driver in case you are to cause an accident, but it’s recommended that you have full coverage that will also cover you in that scenario. You will want some kind of vehicle insurance to assure that you are covered in the case of a crash. However, aside from the obvious reasons to get your vehicle insured, there are many other reasons that you might not think of listed below:


Your car or vehicle could get vandalized with spray paint or other materials if you leave it parked somewhere that isn’t secure. Some types of insurance will cover this and help you pay for the repairs to your vehicle.

Natural Disaster

If your vehicle is caught in a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, mudslide, or fire, then the damage can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Many vehicle insurances will cover you if your vehicle gets damaged during a natural disaster.


We never want to think about someone stealing our vehicle, but it happens more often than you think. Some types of insurance for your vehicle will cover the case of theft, if your vehicle is stolen.

Supplement Your Health Insurance

If you get injured in an accident, your vehicle insurance often helps to pay for your health care. If you have to pay for everything out of pocket, or directly through your health insurance, it can get very expensive.