Obama care is essentially the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was signed into law in the year 2010 by President Obama. The law was passed with an aim of providing American citizens with affordable health insurance, controlling the health industry and improving the state and quality of the health insurance and health care across the United States.

Purchasing coverage involves searching the online marketplace and choosing the plan that is right for you. If you can’t find your state’s marketplace, it is advisable that you use the Healtcare.gov website to find information about your state’s health marketplace. The Obamacare insurance is compulsory for all citizens, and if you go without insurance coverage , you are subjected to 1% fine of your earning or 95% whichever is greater.

The enrollment period occurs once annually and for the year 2016 will start on the first of November and end on January 31, 2016. There is also special enrollment that are meant for people with special lifetime events such as getting married, the birth of a baby, or whenever they have lost coverage for other coverages. So far about 15% of US citizens have not yet enrolled for the Obamacare, and this has lead to government intervention and hiring agencies to go advise people of the risks for failing to sign up.

There are several challenges that people face whenever they are trying to enroll in Obamacare. Some of these challenges are culture related and mostly affecting the Hispanic and Latin communities living in the United States. Lack of education is a major challenge to the Latino community living here in Miami, there are some them who cannot use a computer to sign up. The period of Obamacare open enrollment ends without most of the Latino community bothering to sign up.

Another issue that the Latino community people face is the fear of exposing their personal details to the federal government who may later deport them to their origin country. Most of these people are in the country illegally; they don’t have the necessary documents required for one to be considered a citizen of the United States.

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